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Concrete Freestanding TUB-5001D2
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Concrete Freestanding TUB-5001D2

MAZI, Inc.

  • $ 3,00000

Concrete Freestanding TUB-5001D2

Imagine a sanctuary of relaxation in the heart of your bathroom—a freestanding concrete tub that embodies both modern elegance and timeless durability. Crafted from sleek, polished concrete, this tub is a statement piece, blending industrial chic with minimalist design. Its smooth surface invites you to sink into luxurious comfort, while its substantial form promises stability and strength.

The freestanding design elevates the tub into a sculptural masterpiece, allowing it to stand boldly as the centerpiece of your bathing space. With its clean lines and solid construction, it offers a serene oasis where you can unwind after a long day.


Dimensions: Length 63 in. X Width 37 11/16 in. X Depth 22 13/16 in.

(1600mm x 957mm x 580mm)

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