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Stainless Steel Sinks

Stainless steel is one of the most popular kitchen sink style. It is an optimal material of choice for the production of high-end kitchen sinks. Stainless steel is relatively lightweight but durable, easy to clean and easy to maintain. There are a variety of colors, finishes, sizes and styles when it comes to selecting stainless steel kitchen sink. When selecting a stainless steel kitchen sink, it is important to know the "gauge" of the steel; it determines the thickness of the sink's body. The lower the number, the thicker the steel meaning the higher quality sink. For example, an 18-gauge sink is more durable than a 22-gauge model.

Another important feature to look for in a stainless sink is sound-deadening ability, or how loud the noise will be when something is dropped into the sink. Special spray coatings and special sound pads are being used in MAZI sinks underneath the bowl alloys to increase sound deadening as well as reduce condensation.

 Copper Sinks

MAZI copper sinks are usually made of hammered copper, which gives them a very old-fashioned feel. Beyond its good look copper also has more practical and useful qualities too. It's softer than steel and other sink materials so it's easily formed and shaped.

Regardless of whether you're interested in copper when choosing new kitchen sinks or for a new bathroom sink, there are designs to suit virtually any style and situation.

The gauge is very important selecting copper sinks; the lower the gauge the thicker and heavier is the sink. The heavier sink can withstand the washing of pots and pans and daily use where a thinner, light gauge copper will dent far more easily. All MAZI copper sinks are 15 gauge and made using 99.9 pure copper.

 Ceramic Sinks


 Granite Sinks

MAZI composite sinks are made by combining natural minerals with a small portion of fillers such as acrylic. Granite and quartz are two materials that are mixed with these fillers and molded together to form a sink. The composition of those two ingredients is 80% to 20%. Composite sinks are durable. But last longer if treated and cared for in a certain way. Composite sinks has a heat resistance that can usually withstand up to 500 degrees and it won't affect the finish. These sinks are resistant to cracks and dents from dropped or broken plates and also resistant to scratches caused by silverware and kitchen utensils. MAZI sells a variety of different colors of composite sinks: black, grey, coffee brown, jasmine, wheat and white. Because of it, incomparable durability and customer satisfaction factor they become more and more popular in the market.

 Glass Sinks

Glass is a common material for vessel sinks. A glass sink can contain a beautiful array of colors, and it catches the light when water runs through it. Tempered glass is also very durable, easy to clean and won't stain. It comes in a variety of shapes, finishes and colors. It gives a modern look for an entire design.









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